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Front cover of Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, April 1995 Issue

Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, April 1995 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
Grapevine - Preservation news from Michael Oake
Meteor night fighters - Ray Williams begins a four-part account of the Meteor variants which became the RAF's first jet-powered night fighters
Heston revisited - Denys Bowring recalls the last days of Heston Aerodrome in the 1940s
Tennessee Brisfit - Howard Levy reports on a full-sized Bristol F.2B Fighter replica in the USA
Stirling Work - Mike Pitchers recalls the Short Stirling bomber's use as a post-war transport
Czech Spits - Pavel Kucera traces the fascinating history of the Czech Air Force's Spitfire IXs from 1944, when they were serving under the RAF, to the formation of a new CzAF in 1945
Vildebeest in service - Owen Thetford concludes his Service history of the Vickers Vincent and Vildebeest with a look at the latter
Douglas Commercial Four - Mike Hardy concludes the unusual history of the Douglas DC-4E with its sale to the Japanese on the eve of World War Two
Fathers of world aviation - Ken Aitken - caricatures French designer Louis Breguet
Skywriters - Readers' letters
The Majunga raid - Roy Nesbit concludes his two-part account of a SAAF Beaufort crew's part in the Allied defence of Madagascar in 1942
Armchair aviation - Book reviews by Melvyn Hiscock
Sling's Sailplanes - Martin Simons continues his series on the faTnily of gliders produced by Fred Slingsby with the Gull 4
Croydon changes - Tom Samson looks at Croydon Airport's past and future
Military personal album - A collection of inter-war photographs of RAF/FAA aircraft
Post-War propliners - John Stroud's series continues with the corpulent Miles M.57 Aerovan
Preservation profile - Richard Paver traces the history of Spitfire HF.VIII MV154
No Casualties - Charles Stafrace describes an undercarriage mishap which left a Britavia Handley Page Hermes legless on the runway
CrossWind - More asides and broadsides from John Maynard
Competition - This month's Diversions page features your chance to win a leather flying Jacket.

Front Cover - JOHN DIBBS photographed Jet Heritage's Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF.11 WM167/G-LOSM in May 1993, being flown from North Weald by Brian Henwood. The Meteor night fighter variants are the subject of a new series beginning this month - see page 6
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Article Snippets
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