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Aeroplane Magazine, May 2016 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
RITISH JETS 75 Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the first flight of a British jet-powered aircraft SIR FRANK WHITTLE Archive interviews with the man himself and some key associates recall the Power Jets saga a€ and we hear from Sir Franka€ s son Ian about life with this remarkable figure METROVICK The forgotten pioneers of the British jet story, Metropolitan Vickers JET DEFLECTION METEOR One of the most unusual of many Meteor testbeds VC10 ROUTE-PROVING BOACa€ s early test operations with its new flagship to far-off lands FLYING THE JAVELIN An RAF a€~first-tourista€ sa€ impressions of the Gloster all-weather fighter COMET CIRCUMNAVIGATION Going round the world in the Defence Research Agencya€ s Comet 4 XV814 FEATURES EAST FORTUNE Amajor revamp for Scotlanda€ s National Museum of Flight a€~THE FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIXa€ New perspectives on the making of this cinematic classic, 50 years on DEFIANT DOGFIGHT A nocturnal combat over Birmingham that had tragic consequences AEROPLANE MEETSa€Ã
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Article Snippets

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