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Contribute Content Guide - Publishers


Magazines already on site:
Improve exist. page
'About this title' info.

Magazines not yet on site:
Add new issue
Add new category

Publishers only:
Control your titles

For magazine titles that are being regularly and actively published only the current
publisher may contribute to the “About
this Title” page for that magazine.

In addition a “Current Issue” page
can also exist for titles that are still
being published, and again only the
current publisher may contribute
information to this page.

The About this Title and Current
Issue pages may be as simple or as
sophisticated as the publisher wishes;
in both cases a basic page in a
standard format is provided
free-of-charge, which for a very
nominal cost can be upgraded
substantially to a page containing
much more information, including
external links to other websites..

Publisher Shopfronts

To gain control of their website
pages a publisher must first register
using the form below, which also
gives them a Seller account that they
can use to sell back issues directly.

The publisher also receives their own
‘Shopfront’ on the website which
displays everything they have listed
for sale and which also includes an
“About Us” page - again a free basic
version of this page can be upgraded
to a much more sophisticated and
interactive paid-for version if desired.

Additional Publisher Services

Registered publishers may also access many further Trade Services, from promotional and advertising opportunities up to the sales of yearly magazine subscriptions and also magazine
issues sold in digital form for immediate download.

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