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Contribute Content Guide - Add New Issue


Magazines already on site:
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Magazines not yet on site:
Add new issue
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Publishers only:
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Registered Sellers may add 'new' issues to the website, by which we simply mean
magazine issues which aren't already shown on the site - the issues themselves can
of any age. Once the new issues are on the site they may be bought & sold by anyone.

There are three ways to add new issues to the website:

Add single issue - Submit details (Any Seller)

Please submit details of the new issue you'd like to add using the
Tools > Add Single Issue form in your Seller Account, and once checked
a website page will be created using those details. This is a manual
process so please allow time for the new page to appear

Before sending details using the form please CHECK THAT THE ISSUE ISN'T ALREADY ON THE WEBSITE, and also that the images you send are of the required standard.

Add single issue - Create page directly (Trade Sellers)

Trade sellers may create new magazine issue pages directly on the site using the
Items for Sale > Create Product Page facility. This would most typically be used, for example,
by publishers each month to add the details of their latest issues.

Note that experienced private Sellers are also welcome to create new pages directly on the website
in this way where it's appropriate - if you wish to do so please Request Access to use this facility.

Add issues in bulk (Any Seller)

This option provides a way of adding many new magazine
issues in a single operation. Anyone may use this facility,
but it's mostly aimed at publishers and professional sellers
who want a rapid and efficient way of uploading hundreds,
or even thousands, of new items to our database. The
procedure for using the bulk upload facility is fully described
in the Trade Services Guide.

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