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Magazine Exchange Help Guide

Who We Are

In which we tell you about the different ways you can use the Magazine Exchange website to find magazines - or specific magazine articles - of interest to you. Included in this guide:

  • Introduction to the site - where does the data come from?

  • Finding magazine issues - browsing the site

  • Finding Articles - using the search facility
  • (click links above to go straight to that section)

    Introduction to the Site

    The Magazine Exchange Marketplace gives hobby enthusiasts a very easy way of finding and then purchasing back-issue magazines that have been offered for sale by a variety of sellers.

    In some cases these magazines will be 'new unsold stock' copies offered by the original publisher or other trade sources, while other sellers will be individuals or small businesses selling used copies of the magazine.

    Magazine Exchange themselves are one of these sellers because they are also a retailer of back issue magazines in addition to running the Marketplace itself

    Now delivering to over 40 countries!
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