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Air International Magazine, December 2000 Issue

Air International Magazine, December 2000 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
The new shape of the Fleet Air Arm - Nigel Breyley reviews the Royal Navy's air assets and describes how it all fits together.
The Jaguar Sharpens its Claws - With the laguar looking vulnerable to cost-cutting measures, Jon Lake extols its virtues.
Beyond Tornado Part; 2 - What will replace the RAPs Tornado GR.4 interdictors? Will the GR4 be replaced at all? Harry Roberts looks at the options.
Aeroflot's Offspring: Russia's Regional Airlines Part: 1 - Yefim Gordon and Dmitriy Komissarov analyse the major Russian regional airlines, particularly in the aftermath of Aeroflot's deregulation, and the country's financial crisis of 1998.
Bombardier Dash S-Q400 - Latest in the venerable line of Canadian-built aircraft, analysed by Doug Birch.
Airlines in Canada's Far North - Steve Kinder visits Yellowknife in the Yukon and Red Deer in Alberta to took at some of the more colourful water bomber and propliner operators.
'Diamonds in the Sky' - HAL 60 Years On - As Hindustan Aeronautics celebrates its diamond anniversary, Pushpindar Singh reports on the present state of India's aircraft industry.
NBA A Airscene - More news from the 53rd National Business Aviation Association convention in New Orleans, by Rod Simpson.
Airscene Headline - Dave Allport reports on first flight of the X-35 A, reviews the current status of the programme and examines the demise of Let, the Czech Republic's largest civil aircraft manufacturer.
Airscene - Military, commercial and aerospace industry news from around the world, compiled by Dave Allport.
Airscene Commercial Accidents - Chronological list compiled by Dave Allport.
Talkback - Readers' letters and photographs of general interest.
In Print - Reviews of some recent books reviewed.

Front Cover - Bombardier Dash 8-Q4OO (page 349). Lockheed Martin X-3$A (inset-page 376) (Bombardier; Lockheed Martin)
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